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Hello you! So glad you made it here.

Everything I have built so far has been on the foundation of giving. My unwavering energy lies in propelling brands towards triumphant success by means of strategic development and proficient project management.

My primary goal for Mindful Movements is to work closely with health and wellbeing brands – companies that have huge potential to make a real difference in our society. Merging my passion to help businesses with my background in leadership, business, marketing and project management, I am committed to creating clear paths to success and accelerating business growth, while allowing you to focus on the things you love.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges that startups face, and I am dedicated to providing the support and guidance necessary to help your brand achieve its goals.

Our vision is to be the leading driving force behind businesses and communities striving towards positive change.

Meet The Team

Meet the dynamic individuals behind our success – a team driven by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to your business triumph. Each member brings a unique blend of skills and experiences, collectively forming a powerhouse dedicated to navigating the complexities of your industry. We thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on innovative thinking, enabling you to accomplish more.



I am a strategic leader with a passion for driving business success. With my extensive experience, I guide brands through challenges, providing tailored solutions and strategic plans. I thrive the most when I see transformation from possibilities into real life achievements.

Outside of work mode, I love travelling, dining and spending time with my loved ones.


Business Development Manager

Hello, I’m Anuvindh. Armed with an MSc. in Management, my heart lies in project management and business development. I’m equally enthusiastic about working with various businesses and fostering personal growth.

I love watching movies and reading books.
I enjoy discussing them and can recommend some for you too!


Marketing Assistant

Hi, I’m Ella. I’m primarily involved with sales and marketing efforts and enjoy supporting clients with their social platforms.

Outside of work mode I love all things personal development, going to the gym, spending time with friends and family and teaching musical theatre.

Our mission is to provide businesses and communities with opportunities to grow and thrive through support, guidance, and collaboration.

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Mindful Movements - Business Mentor

5 Power Tips to supercharge your productivity 🔥⁠
Feeling scattered and overwhelmed? Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Apply these 5 powerful tips will help you laser-focus on what truly matters, silence distractions that drain your energy, and fuel your productivity for explosive growth: ⁠
1. Laser sharp clarity: Define your BIG goal. What do you truly desire to achieve? Ambiguity drains energy.⁠
2. Chill out on the to-do list 🤣: Prioritise ruthlessly. Focus on 2-3 high-impact tasks daily. Delegate or eliminate the rest.⁠
3. Silence the distractions: Schedule focused work sprints. Turn off notifications. Give your most important projects your undivided attention. I mentioned this on stories - I'll pop up the video as a reminder. ⁠
4. Fuel your focus: Prioritize sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. A nourished body fuels a sharp mind.⁠
5. Celebrate progress: It's so easy to just skip by what works.Acknowledge and celebrate your wins, big and small. Momentum keeps your energy flowing.⁠
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I’ve recently come back from a lovely weekend getaway in York with my husband, enjoying the sunny weather (that seems to be slowly disappearing 👀) and exploring the city🏰✨It was the perfect way to recharge, reconnect with nature, and spend quality time together.This years #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2024 theme of “Movement” feels very apt right now.There are so many benefits from physical movement for mental well-being but equally I know firsthand how difficulty it can be to get your ass up.Walking through historic York reminded me of how important it is to step away from the daily stresses and find peace through movement.Whether it’s a walk around the block or a hike in nature, moving your body can significantly boost your mental health. 🌿🌟Prioritise you - you can’t pour from an empty cup —get out there, explore, and move! 💪💚#MentalHealthMatters #MoveForMentalHealth #YorkAdventures #SelfCare #BusinessBalance #WellnessJourney #NatureWalks #Mindfulness #TravelForWellness #HealthyLiving #WeekendGetaway #ExploreYork #MentalWellbeing #PhysicalActivity #MentalHealthSupport #TravelInspiration #Yorkshire #MentalHealthAwareness #OutdoorActivities #CityExploration
Confessions of a business owner 👩🏽‍💼🎙️ - I AM UNFIT.I’ve just got back into the gym after a good few months off and it was daunting at first 👀But this is what I realised after just ONE PT session, imagine how I will feel after 3 months 😯👇🏽1. I feel better for going than I did for not going.2. You’ll make time if it’s a priority. Me saying I have a busy schedule was almost an excuse. You make time for things you want.3. Exercising is a huge stress reliever for me, when I’m not stressed I produce better quality work and have enhanced productivity and creativity.I’ve spent so much time focusing on work that my fitness levels have dropped and I feel like I’m letting that part of my mind, body and soul down.No one was going to come knocking on my door to get me back into movements, I had to make the first move.The primary goal is simple: move more & feel better.So if like me, you’ve been putting something by off, give it a go to make the move today and you may just feel on top of the world after that first step.You’re future self will thank you for it ♥️#fitness #exercisemotivation #exercisemakesmehappy #businessowner #businesstips #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #smallbusinesssupport #smallbusinesstips #mindfulgrowth #growthmindset #mindfulmovements

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